Pablo Diego Antón is a Mexican-American lighting designer, photographer, and artist. As a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, he received his BFA in Drama back in May of 2023.
Born and raised in San Diego, California, Pablo has experience in the local theatre scene since high school working for The Old Globe Theatre and The Ray & Joan Kroc Center Community Theatre. Since going to school in Pittsburgh, he has had the opportunity to work with Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, City Theatre Company, and The Purnell Center for the Arts on the Carnegie Mellon campus.
In addition to his theatrical experience, Pablo also has picked up other hobbies pertaining to design. He is an avid photographer available to take headshots or photos for any kind of event. He is also a full-time landscape designer and parter of GCLA Landscape Design.
As a designer, Pablo intends to bring his diverse background to all of his productions. Pablo believes theatre is a vital form of storytelling, seeing the positive impacts it has brought to him and his friends. Understanding this, Pablo wants to make theatre more accessible to those who have not been fortunate enough to see many live shows. 
Pablo loves to meet new people and talk about their experience in theatre and life. He is most joyful when collaborating with other artists, spending time with his partner, and traveling across the globe. Feel free to reach out to Pablo using the contact information above!